BRG Legend
BRG Legend

Project features

  • 202 units
  • 22 floors, 4 basements
  • 11,027 m2 commercial center floor

Reasons for choosing

  • Diamond location, in the heart of the port city
  • Luxurious experience
  • The shopping center gathers world famous brands
  • The overhead swimming pool has a panoramic view of the Port city
  • Luxury rooftop skybar

Financial offers

  • Instant discount 6% of the selling price pay by Fast Progress 70%
  • Gift of 2 year management service package (*)
  • Gift of Valet Parking Service Package 2 years (*)
  • Loan grace period and Free early repayment during the interest rate support period

BRG Legend

BRG Legend is the only luxury apartment tower in Vietnam that pairs with the globally famous Hilton hotel, providing the ultimate luxury experience at the heart of Hai Phong commercial port.

Possessing architecture with a European breath - the architectural language of emperors that has lasted for many centuries, BRG Legend deserves to be a "wonderful symphony" from the master artists of the architecture of 8 companies. Architects with global reputation such as: WOW Architects – Overall architectural design of the project; KKS Singapore - Interior Design; DJ Coalition Thailand – Lighting system…


Owning a high-class apartment at BRG Legend, the owner is not only immersed in a comfortable living space, but also holds a timeless symbolic value, raising the status of the owner by benefiting from the best prices. The ever-increasing value of real estate in the heart of the city is "changing flesh" every day.